Need space?
Get space in Ajax

Who are we?

Meet Rhea and Rhenice own Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre in Ajax.  Like so many other businesses during COVID, we've been forced to adjust and move online.  It's been challenging but we think that we're doing a great job.

As we've moved online, we've tried to provide the same professional experience that our students came to expect and so we've invested in equipment to make it look as professional as possible (lights, camera...ACTION).


What do we have?

If you're teaching lessons online, we've got a great space that is clean, has big mirrors, tall windows, lots of natural light, and professional equipment.

It's the perfect space to stream or record your online lessons.  Waaaaay better than from your basement, using your phone.

How does this work?

It's actually pretty simple.

Rent the space by the hour.

Why commit to a lease and pay for space all the time when you can rent it for an hour or two?  It looks great, keeps your costs down and gives you one less thing to worry about.  Hourly rates start as low as $60 per hour.

We'll help you prepare.

Once you've booked your time, we'll reach out to you and help you plan your set up so that when you're here, you won't waste time figuring things out.  You can get right to work.

Use our equipment.

As we've moved our lessons online, we've invested in equipment to provide the best looking lessons we can and we'll help you do the same.  Equipment includes a camera, lighting, green screen, and the fastest internet available (no more BUFFERING while you're streaming classes from your phone).

Anything else?

Just like you, we're new to teaching online, but we've got nearly 20 years of experience managing students, promoting our programs, and more.  If you need some help, we can do it.